singing in spring

spring cleaning has become a way of life in our home this week after the whirlwind of easter grass and candy wrappers that descended on our little apartment. i desire a more minimalistic way of life, as i truly believe with less we have so much more, so i’m trudging forward and ridding our home of that which no longer serves us to make space for what does.

while many are wrapping up their school year and dreaming of summer, i’m preparing to educate cora at home this fall. i’ve made contact with a few local charter schools, but i’m still unsure about which direction we’ll go. some days i think we’ll just stay private, while others i think it would be so great to have the support and funding of a charter. we’ll see! for now, we just love exploring together, my bright gal & me.

she learned a bit about baptism in her sunday school class a few weeks ago and has been really excited about “getting dunked,” so we met with our pastor a few days ago about it. i’m not sure she’s quite ready, and neither is he, so we encouraged her to keep pressing into that and if it’s still on her heart next time, she can get dunked. a few nights ago i snuggled up to her in her little twin bed and we spoke quietly (so as not to wake eloise) about all sorts of things, and our conversation veered to baptism. i asked her why she wanted to, and she really thoughtfully told me, “you know how i love to pray? well…i just want that to be who i am.” my girl, you might be just five, but you are wise. may i never be too proud to really hear you.


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